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Willy’s Rock Rocks | Boracay, Aklan

Willy’s Rock Rocks | Boracay, Aklan

Every once in a while, it’s imperative that we, as workaholics as it may seem (yeah right), deviate from life as seen on a day-to-day basis and take a time off from that thing called work. And what better way to spend it than well, travel of course. Willy’s Rock, Aklan, 2010

Again, this is pretty much straight forward. You set the tripod, put the cam on the ball head plate, screw the filters on, compose the scene and fire away. But there’s a whole lot in this image to be thought about than just the shutter pressing thing. As we all are aware of, rains are pouring quite heavily these days. And the chance of getting a decent sunset or sunrise (if you will) while on a travel, is obviously quite narrower. And here I am, in this place where light never fails, begging for the skies to give me a sundown shot or two that I could take home. The hopes are high even in the most overcast day that we were there. That we will see a vast array of colors the moment our clock strikes 5. And we were right. The thick clouds sprawling the island for almost a day were swept instantly as if there was someone somewhere waved a magic wand and yelled “make way for the sun!”. And suddenly it was the heaven who is now begging for us to start shooting. So off we went. What’s more surprising, is the fact that the moment the sun has fully set and that we’re done shooting, the thick rainclouds came back as quickly as how they were swept away. Rain poured extremely hard that we had to run back really fast to where we are staying. As I was about to take that final big step, I thought about it once again. “Indeed, in this place the light never fails.” On a side note, I can’t help but think. That maybe the skies just humored us for a moment and gave us that small window to shoot on purpose. Hehe, I’m still deciding on whether or not I should join the DPP anniversary live judging contest for the second time with this image. 5,000 worth of gas cards are a sight to behold than this photograph. Hahaha. Have a great weekend. Thanks for viewing.

— SIGS —

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