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Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall

Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall

Well, this blog post is a bit Johnny Come Lately as this place has been open since 2014 (if I got my information right).  It wasn’t our first time really, but when we first visited the place, it was but a regular mall. We heard the news back in 2011 that a Venice inspired canal and architecture will be built soon in this same area and is scheduled to launch in 2013 (didn’t happen after a year). The hopes were high back then and for someone who cannot afford to go to Italy, it was something to look forward to.

Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall – your local taste of Venice, Italy. Whether you are in for a romantic dinner, a gondola ride with the family or with your loved one (I know that sounds cheesy) or would just want to have a stroll, Venice Piazza is the right place for you.

Just recently, we had the chance to visit to place and it didn’t actually disappoint. I salute Megaworld for such an execution and indeed, it exceeded our expectations. Any drawbacks you might ask. Well, the crowd. Try your luck on a weekend and you’ll find yourselves squeezing your way through people doing selfies. Good luck trying to find a place to eat as well. Take note that the majority of restaurants in here doesn’t quite fit if you’re on a tight budget. There are however, fast food chains where most people go and this is where getting a dining spot gets very tricky. I would personally suggest to visit the place on a weekday to avoid the crowd.

Gondola ride costs about Php 250.00 per person starting at 1 pm to 10 pm. I read that it was around 400-500 per head previously but was told when we were there that it went down half the original price. Overall, this local taste of Venice is really something to be proud of. Like I said, for someone who can’t really afford the real thing or even the one in Macau, Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall is the best Italian vibe quick fix. Of course, the place is not all sights and delights. There is a mall (well it is a mall to begin with anyway) so shopping is also inevitable. Unfortunately, I do not have a full list of the restaurants and the shops but you may drop by the official website and social network page for more information HERE and HERE. In case you were wondering where we dined during our visit, we tried Mati’s Meat and Bread.

Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall is located at:

Upper McKinley Hill, Taguig City, Philippines

All photos are taken with a Canon 5DMKII + 17-40mm F4L lens and are processed intentionally using Technicolor via Alien Skin Exposure plugin.

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