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Tales of the Fog

Tales of the Fog

If there’s one place I’d keep returning to at least once every year, it would be none other than the pine city. In six months, I made three trips to this place. Each with different agenda. It’s never tiring and the only thing that will put pressure on your end are the expenses. Yes, money has now become an object for me this entire year but balances wouldn’t be anything near bankruptcy just so we are clear.

The trip back in January has been a very productive one in terms of photography. It is actually the trip where I took an image that received the most likes (thanks to Facebook’s look back). But for some reason, the folder containing the photographs I took from that trip was accidentally deleted from my Mac. It was my first time to lose a memorable shot or shots for that matter and it did kept me frustrated for almost an entire week. But then I thought, I’ll be right back up in June so I can maybe replicate the ones I took previously albeit having a different primary agenda this time around. I would only need one sunrise anyway to replicate that lost folder. Or so I thought.

Rain greeted us at the break of dawn on our way up. And it didn’t stop until we got back down. Fog has been a mainstay for the duration of our trip making one barely see anything beyond 3 meters. Hence, not allowing me to fulfill that secondary objective; to replicate the lost folder. At the back of my head I thought that maybe I have to let it go. That maybe I should focus more on what’s ahead and forget about the past. So that opened up quite a different opportunity for myself and realized that what was lost can never be replicated.

Being a fan of Bierstadt and an Indonesian photographer, haze or mist coupled with an accented soft light on some foreground is a must. That kind of started the ball rolling for me. I have been a fan of mist since I started photography and even during the early days of my painting childhood. Fog. It has a story to tell. I didn’t even have to shoot with a wide open aperture to get a creamy bokeh. Everything past a couple of footsteps is already blurred. Calming, quiet and contemplative. My kind of landscape. But it can be terrifying too at times.

Nonetheless, I still hold on to that caption on one of my photographs from the lost folder. “I can retire to this place”. It just feels different being here. Weather aside, the place also has a very important meaning.

 It is a memory lane…
…that I’ll keep coming back into.
All shots taken with 5DMKII and 85mm 1.8/70-200mm F4L.
— SIGS —

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