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On Taking Insurance Shots

On Taking Insurance Shots

We arrived in Batad just in time for lunch and the sun was shining perfectly. I can see shafts of light hitting portions of the rice paddies while the rest can still be seen but with lesser contrast. This is going to be exciting I muttered as we get ourselves settled down from the long trek.

In the room, as we put our things down, something just bit me. The type of light that I was looking at right now. Will it last? Will it be the same once we get to the shoot proper? Will it change? For better or for worse? The confidence isn’t just there. And the anxiety just kept rising. So, out came the camera, switched from an UWA to a TELE and fired away.

Batad, Ifugao 2011

Insurance shots (quite a habit actually whenever I go out for a shoot), may also be dubbed as snapshots. No preparation, no discipline, no waiting…you just take the shot, bring it home, show your friends the image and tell them that you were there a few days ago and this is what you’ve got.

Well, this is one of them. Taken from one of our room’s window while waiting for the lunch to be served downstairs. I’d say a lot better than taking home images that are more like cloudscapes than terraces. And we were right. The rest of the trip? A walk in the clouds. So yep. “I was here guys and look at the damn amphitheater.” Haha.

Thanks for viewing.

— SIGS —

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