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Spring Roll | South Korea

It’s wet season in my home country now folks and although I like cool weather, I prefer the ones without the drizzle. So here I am trying to approximate and reminisce that spring feeling by writing this post. It’s getting cold in the office anyway so I figured it’s quite fitting to give this post a shot and by cold I mean two things. The straight up full blast air conditioning system and the current state of things inside the corporate organization.

What a decade it has been as far as my career is concerned and I am very thankful for all the things that went my way over my tenure. Gained quite a lot of friends, recognition, promotion, work experience in general, awesome boss, money, travel opportunity; you name it. I got nothing left to ask. Or so I thought. It was indeed a joyride to be honest. 11 years of comfort in the zone is pure bliss but if things aren’t moving as far as the corporate ladder is concerned in say, 3-4 years, then you start to really think about what’s in it for oneself in the years to come. Don’t get me wrong. I had my fair share of opportunities. And mind you, it actually knocked not only once but thrice—for the exact same spot and I still didn’t get it. Pathetic I know. The first one was a once in a lifetime shot. It was a make or break moment and I lost it for some dumb reason. I almost had it the second time but it went the other way around. It slipped and when everything has gone haywire thereafter, it came back like it was an opportunity that was meant for me. Unfortunately, I’m not the one who’ll beg for a spot that I lost twice for the third time. Sad to say that pride took over this time but I’m good, really. It was the last straw and I got nowhere else to go but I guess the only way up now is the way out.

So what does the rant have to do with the post? Nothing really, other than the correlation between the spring season and how things are starting to cool down from a personal level. I can’t really think of anything to complement this post anyway so might as well share a slice of life every once in a while. So the next time you see a winter post, expect another rant coming your way. Just kidding. Take it easy. Seriously, I miss the climate and this post is extremely late. This is my Spring, and this is how I roll.

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Photos by Cessie.

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