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South Korea in Black and White

South Korea in Black and White

I have to admit that this is unfortunately a very very late post. Given that I just had my blog site setup this year, I can at least make that as an excuse. At any rate, these travel photos were posted in my Facebook page anyway so this will just be a commemoration of some sort.

A travel one year in the making. That includes the thrilling ride of budget management and time allocation to make this possible. It was a rewarding finale for all the effort and stress we had during our wedding preparations. Long story short, it was a honeymoon trip.

2014 year was indeed a roller coaster ride and we were once a Tom and Jerry in the making arguing about places to spend our ultimate travel towards the year-end. Typically, Hongkong could be the safest bet or Palawan if we prefer to have it done locally. I’m a fan of short flights so these two are indeed no-brainer. However, we opted to go further north and experience something different. Something that sticks forever – a season change.

No regrets. It was the right choice and it was a trip to remember. So where’s the sticky part? The weather! We were greeted with a minus 7 degree on our arrival and the hottest we had was one degree Celsius. The interim work around and short term remedy – lots of kimchi and fish cake soup.

Overall, one of the best trips so far. I left my heart and soul in Seoul.

Thanks for dropping by.

— SIGS —

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