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Seoul Searching | South Korea Travel Diary

Seoul Searching | South Korea Travel Diary

You all may have seen my latest post about our trip to Seoul, South Korea. I know it was just a splash and dash post with everything in monochrome and a brief description on why we went there in the first place. Well, here is the second installment of my South Korea trip but this time, in full color.

Seoul Korean Folk VillageSeoul Korean Folk VillageSeoul Korean Folk VillageSeoul Korean Folk VillageSeoul Korean Folk Village Seoul Korean Folk VillageSeoul Korean Folk Village


First stop was the Korean Folk Village. If anyone among you wants to at least get a feel of what a traditional Korean environment is and have a taste of Korean culture, then this is the place for you. The village has that old Korean vibe with traditional houses lining almost every alley in the park. You will also get a chance to see how silk is being prepared. There are also presentations and traditional band numbers being held in the village. Everything you need to experience and feel  as far as old Korea is concerned is here.

Seoul Korean Folk Village

Also, I should mention that the Bulgogi soup we had outside the village is perfect.

Seoul N Seoul Tower Seoul N Seoul Tower Seoul N Seoul TowerSeoul N Seoul Tower Seoul N Seoul Tower


The next day brought us to N Seoul Tower. This is where things are starting to shape up for both of us. Earlier in our trip, we were quite disappointed to realize that we might not experience a snow during our 5 days 4 nights stay (yep, this is our first time to see and experience snow). But lo and behold, just before the jump off station to the tower via a cable car, it drizzled big time. Not that we wanted a blizzard though but hey, for a first timer in a country with four seasons, snow gets the top of the list.

Seoul Myeongdong Seoul Myeongdong


So you can’t just leave South Korea without shopping and have a taste of their street food. Right? Well, Myeongdong and Hongdae is there to satisfy both these cravings. These places offer unlimited shopping options covering whatever budget one can manage. The stretch also has thrift shops for the low budget shopper. Do not get me wrong though. The quality of products in these thrift shops is very good. The scarves and beanies are very thick and well made. Winter coats and jackets are abundant at an affordable cost. Once you get tired shopping and you’re almost on the verge of dropping, there are a lot of places to eat. One night, we decided to try out the fish cake soup off the streets of Myeongdong as we felt the minus 7 degree temperature is killing us already. It was fun rubbing elbows with the locals while sipping through our hot cup of soup.

Seoul Gyeongbokgung PalaceSeoul Changdeokgung Palace


The third and last highlight of this trip was the temple run. Yep, that seems pretty mandatory. You go to any Asian country and the trip may not be complete without a visit or two in their temples / palace. So we decided to allot quite a day for the palace hopping. Gyeongbokgung for me takes the cake. The place is huge and going around each and every corner is tiring but the structures are a lot more picturesque than the latter.

These are all for now. I mean, the post is already picture heavy and I do not think a single post is enough to translate the entire experience. Stay tuned for more travel blog entries. If you love this article, please do not hesitate to click the buttons below and share the love.

Up next, Iasi and Bucharest, Romania trip. Thanks for dropping by.

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