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Haven’t held a paint brush for the longest time. I used to paint landscapes ala Albert Bierstadt in soft pastel (Rembrandt soft pastels in particular) during the days and I must admit that I miss doing it again. I can only wish that kind of art won’t be as time consuming as say, post processing photographs. With painting, you think of a scene, you think about the elements that should be there, you think about the time of day and where the light and shadows would fall. Once established, you put them on board by creating vague outlines before you can then finally grab a set of paintbrush to start painting and creating the light.

With photography, the scenes are laid in front. The elements are everywhere and you just have to select which ones should be included and in what part of the frame they should be placed for that desired visual design and aesthetics. When these things are identified, you wait for that time of day where the light is at its best before you can start pressing. Once exhausted, you go home, load the image up in your machine and fire Photoshop for enhancements. This image calls for it. I just had to do it on this one as my therapy. Thanks for viewing.

— SIGS —

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