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Petite France | South Korea

Petite France | South Korea

Our second day was spent in another must visit spot in South Korea. The Gapyeong City Tour.

You probably may have read or heard a number of times that when in Korea, a visit to Nami Island is a must. Well, Nami Island or sometimes coined as Naminara Republic is part of this Gapyeong City Tour Circuit. Gapyeong is a county in Gyeonggi province and is around an hour and a half by train from Seoul. If one decides to visit this place, the following train routes are highly recommended with the consideration of Line 2 or Green Line as your starting point.

Option 1 (Fastest Route): Line 2 (green line) > alight at Seolleung > Change to Bundang Line (yellow line) > alight at Wangsimni > Change to Jungang Line (teal line) > alight at Mangu > Change to Gyeongchun Line and alight at Gapyeong Station

Option 2 (Fewest Train Changes) : Line 2 (green line) > alight at Konkuk University > Change to Line 7 (olive green line) > alight at Sangbong > Change to Gyeongchun line and alight at Gapyeong Station

Once in Gapyeong, you may opt to take the city tour via the Gapyeong City Tour Bus going through the following route and attractions.

Gapyeong Bus Terminal → Gapyeong Station → Jarasum → Gapyeong Rail Park → Nami Island → Petite France → Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal → Cheongpyeong Station → The Garden of Morning Calm

By taking the city tour bus, one must pay a one time amount of 6,000 WON for the whole day tour. That means you can hop on / hop off the bus for the entire day in any of these attractions. Just show the ticket to the bus driver each time you hop on for your next destination.

In our case, we did not follow the above route of the city tour bus. After arriving in Gapyeong, we rode a cab straight to Nami Island jump off point for the ferry ride. In other words, we bypassed Jarasum and the Gapyeong Rail Park so we can spend more time to roam around the island. After exploring Nami, that is when we purchased a city tour bus ticket to take us through the rest of the attractions which are Petite France and the Garden of Morning Calm.

This post, Petite France, is the first installment of this Gapyeong City Tour series. Petite France is basically a French culture themed village with French style structures where tourists can lodge and have a taste of French food, clothing and their culture. It is basically a “Little Prince” inspired village and often times referred to as the Little Prince theme park. Entrance fee is at 8,000 WON. To be honest, the place puts a smile on my face simply because of the overall feel of the village. I mean, I am still in Asia folks but at least I got a chance to feel that French aura the moment we got in. I would not recommend to stay that long here though. I’d rather spend more time in the Garden of Morning Calm. Of course, that installment of a post had to wait so please watch out.

For more information please visit the official site HERE.

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