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How do you find this shot?

Uhmm … nice …

Hmmm … good. But, so what?

Oh wow!

Been a while since I had a healthy conversation about photography. I used to have a lot of these when I was just starting out. And each has been an integral part of the learning process. To date, I still have bits and pieces of casual conversations with friends and professionals alike but it wasn’t like anything near to how frequent it has been during the days. Critique sessions included.

It was just recently when this silence has been broken. I finally had another one of those casual discussions and critique sessions with a professional. And I say professional because of the fact that he or she is doing it for a living. Nothing more.

In an instant, I was brought back to when I was just starting out. For years, I suddenly felt like nothing has ever progressed. And each passing moment into that discussion only adds to the frustration. It’s just quite amazing how different people see your work. Especially when you venture outside of a specific community you grew up with in terms of photography. And worst, to some extent it may lead to misdirection.

Some would say nice. Others would say great. A handful can easily connect. But a whole lot couldn’t just relate. Heck, more often than not you won’t even get likes on facebook. More so receive a single comment. Because most of the time, it is only you who really understand.

Btw, we are not talking about the above image. It is just there to neutralize things a bit. So where is it? I’ll check in my trash bin when I get home.

“Like” at your own risk. Have a great weekend.

— SIGS —

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