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Malaysia, 2011

Malaysia, 2011

Back from a long hiatus. Honestly, I thought I would never be able to shoot again until a week-long travel down south just recently became a reality. Malaysia that is.

We booked a flight for a trip to KL last November 2010 since our favorite airline went on seat sale. 3 months – That should be more than enough for one to get himself prepped up for the trip. Yes? No!

Let me share a story about how things went a bit wrong for this trip and how we were able to still push through nonetheless. So if you don’t mind, continue reading.

While I got all the pending deliverable accomplished, anticipated upcoming tasks and deadlines and prepared handover layouts, I forgot about the most important thing needed for this trip. To renew my passport!!! It was already the first week of January when I realized that my passport expires on July and we’re flying in a month’s time. February 1st to be exact. Do the math and you’ll see that the validity will fall short of 6 months.

That got me scratching my head big time because I know how the DFA’s renewal process works. You go to their website for an appointment, fill up the forms and voila!!! You will be presented with the earliest possible appointment date which is way past our flight schedule! And the passport? Pay for rush processing and you will be able to claim it after 12 freakin’ days! It’s not gonna work I thought.

January 7th. One option was to go straight to DFA Pampanga for a “walk-in” renewal process. I was under the assumption that renewal processing would take a day and if I pay for a rush processing, I will be able to claim it 12 business days after. January 25th! Perfect and right on time! I thought.

Until I got into the front desk officer only to be informed to come back on the 17th! That so-called “walk-in” was actually for an appointment application rather than the processing itself and the earliest date available was on the 17th. Did the math myself and found out that my passport will be out on February 2nd. Awesome!

We were running out of options. I am on the verge of letting go of this opportunity and just have the rest of the group push through with the trip themselves. Until we have finally decided to get a another plane ticket instead since re-booking tickets purchased on sale is not permitted. Luckily, the seat sale is still on-going and that we were able to get another round trip tickets for the same price. Thing is, we really didn’t get them at a sale price theoretically since we purchased twice. But we didn’t mind. After all, it is the fun and camaraderie that you are actually paying for.

Persiaran Kemajuan, Subang Jaya Selangor Malaysia 2011

I could probably share a handful of urban travel shots from that trip in the next coming days but first allow this image to be our starter as this is quite more meaningful to me than the Petronas twin towers.

Other than the obvious and straightforward night shot of the Subang Jaya skyline, this same scene greets good morning and good night. One of the firsts that you will get to see when you wake up and one of the lasts you will ever have a glimpse of before bedtime. Taken from an opening located at the 12th floor fire exit of our friend’s apartment, the skyline is more than just a sight to behold. A panoramic view of life unfolds at the break of dawn and gently comes close to a halt at night. Train tracks on the left, highway interchange everywhere and a parade of lights far beyond. Couple that with a cup of coffee, a stick of cigarette and your favorite easy listening music playing through your pair of Dr. Dre’s, then you’re all set to enter oblivion.

Though plain and boring with no famous landmark that screams such location, among them snaps, this is my Malaysia. For the simple reason that by just staring at it long enough, I am being brought back.

Did I mention Petronas Towers? Had this been shot with a tele, then we might have probably seen half of it from this angle.

Have a great day everyone.

— SIGS —

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