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It was a freezing Sunday morning and we were all up quite early to catch the 6:00 mass. And the main reason being that we can roam around some more just before heading back down to Manila. At first glance, I knew I was not going to get anything worthy of the shutter click. It was raining quite hard, the city looks hazy and the colors are muted almost everywhere I point my prime glass at. So there goes the frustration. But then again I realized, hey, this isn’t a travel shoot anyway so why rant about it. I got settled with the idea of “I’m not gonna shoot anything today” until I learned that we’re going to hit another town further up north right after our breakfast and that same idea changed. “Now I’m shooting”

Knowing that we’re headed to that famous strawberry farm, random images started to appear in my head like a slideshow of rural galleries. Farmers here and there, vendors everywhere, tourists walking … everything is “action”. So then that got me all excited. Add to that, the quality of light is getting better as we get closer to the field. So then we parked our ride just a few meters off the highway and they’re all set to stroll while I’m all prepped to fire. Surprisingly, none of the images that appeared to me earlier (or at least something similar) can be seen. Only a number of farmers are out in the field and they are all quite far to reach. What’s dominant instead are the parked vehicles and tourists walking on wet and muddy pavement. It’s just amazing that in an instant, I was brought back to frustration. This scenario immediately calls for a recap of what I was told about a couple of years ago. “You do not go out to a certain place and expect things you want to see to be there.” True enough as it could prevent one from being spontaneous. So instead of getting all frustrated that time, I tried to recover and make do with what’s available. I’m not good at street shooting but this one would do for now. Subsequently, it looks like I’m fast becoming a fan of faceless portraits. Don’t you think? ? Thanks for viewing.

— SIGS —

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