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Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village

I never thought I would be able to set foot on this beautiful country yet again. If you are following, me and my wife explored South Korea back in 2014 where we spent 5 days for a honeymoon. It was a trip to remember as we went there on a winter with a freezing minus 7 degree Celsius weather. The country was worth going back to we thought to ourselves but that would take some time as visa application would require a loaded bank account for which we needed time to recuperate from all the expenses as well. For someone who is getting a third world monthly salary, being back in this country within 2 years isn’t really as feasible as it sounds. Or so we thought.

Late last year, my mother joked about a plan to visit South Korea in spring of the following year. We laughed and took the joke with a grain of salt not realizing that jokes are indeed half meant. Long story short, she urged for the trip to push through and ensured to cover the entire family’s airfare expenses! “Done Deal” was our reply. Me and my wife got a 3-year multiple entry visa while the rest of the family got approved as well for single entry.

Preparations were then made and itinerary was carefully designed by my wife for the gang. Korean Folk Village is a no-brainer destination and should be part of every tourist’s must visit locations in the country. It is a park that basically lets you experience the traditional South Korea. From old houses in a rural village setting down to craftsmanship demonstration of either a tobacco pipe maker or a blacksmith and few folk performances, any visitor would definitely feel that old Korean vibe. That, and the chill of a single digit weather made our visit even more special.

How to Get There

Korean Folk Village is located at 90 Minsokchon-ro, Bora-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The best route to take is via subway through Line 2 (green line) and alight at Gangnam. Once in Gangnam, take either exit 3 or exit 10.

On exit 3, continue walking straight towards the pedestrian crossing past Uniqlo on your left. Cross the main street and wait for the Bus 5001-1 at the center island.

On exit 10, walk straight through the bus stop along the sidewalk facing CGV building and wait for the same bus 5001-1.

Tell the driver you are to alight at the Korean Folk Village. On the way back to the city, you may take the same bus 5001-1 via the bus stop at the main street just across the parking lot and alight at Gangnam (across CGV building). Admission fee is 18,000 Won.

For more information, visit their official site.

Thanks for dropping by. Expect more posts about this recent trip in the next coming weeks.

All images are taken by yours truly using a Fuji X100.

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