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Hotel Caro Horoscop | Fall’s Color

Hotel Caro Horoscop | Fall’s Color

Our stay in Romania was quite a splash and dash life event. I mean 2 weeks seemed short for historical exploration but too long for a single digit temperature. Not that I’m complaining. In fact, I like cool weather more than feeling warm all year long. But the entire Romanian visit was just too quick to end. Probably because my first whole week was just all about work back in Iasi. That being said, we’re not settling for a European visit to just exhaust ourselves with work. So right after the official business agenda, we headed straight to its capital, Bucharest.

We stayed in Hotel Caro Horoscop which is just adjacent to the main city center. We opted this hotel among many others simply because it has this area just beside a river where we can just chill and watch the evening sun set. Not to mention too that it is a good location as well for an outfit shoot which by the way is what you are reading right now.

Single digit temperature doesn’t really mean you have to go hard on layering. In fact, you can just go by a sweat shirt and put a jacket on top of it and you’re good to go. Which is basically what this outfit post is all about. I went all blue with a brown breaker in this over all outfit and chose the striped Uniqlo sweat shirt and Zara jacket on top. I then paired them with a denim jeans from Gap with a River Island belt and boots from Traffic footwear as a color breaker.

Simple and Comfortable on the get go.

Thanks for dropping by.

Photos taken by Cessie Agdeppa Sigua

Canon 5DMKII + 85mm F1.8

— SIGS —

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