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Domicillo | A First Hand Experience

Domicillo | A First Hand Experience

At last, I got a chance to post this long overdue item in my pipeline of posts. I know I need to do a better job at keeping current with regards to posts but then again, so much things are going on hence the lack of updated posts. Nonetheless, let’s get to the topic shall we. Domicillo is a boutique hotel in Tagaytay which is a 2 hour drive south of the metro. If we can go back a few posts from the expression category, a couple of entries were actually shot here and I even mentioned in one of the posts that I will create a separate blog for the location which never came after a year. Talk about breaking promises. At any rate, so this is where we chose to stay for a night long star gazing and milky way photography. Like I’ve mentioned, our primary priority for choosing our location was its orientation with regards to the Taal Lake and the Milky Way’s rising point. We actually had a number of different choices but Domicillo at the time was one of the newest kid in town so we figured to give it a try and of course it has a deck that has one of the most unobstructed view of the lake. A night at Domicillo is quite expensive and starts at 9,000 Php plus taxes and service charge. But don’t fret just yet. This hotel is not your ordinary accommodation. You do not book here just to have a room to sleep on after a whole day of city stroll. You book a stay at Domicillo to enjoy its overall ambiance and to relax. You book a stay at Domicillo to experience a front row seat of the Taal lake for the light show as the sun sets. You book a stay at Domicillo to experience peace and serenity.

Domicillo is designed by Budji Layug and owned by Rene Alcala of Manila Mirrors Fame, a known furniture designer. As you enter the main reception area, you can already see his creations which are by the way, for sale. There is also a shop in the reception area for souvenirs such as bracelets, necklace, bags, etc. from which the designs are very native. At the far end of this same floor, is the La Finca which is a farm-to-table oriented restaurant. One level below the main floor are 3 garden rooms and 2 upper lake view rooms. It has a garden (obviously), a common lounge and veranda for that personalized Taal Lake viewing. 2 levels below and you have the 3 premiere lower lake view rooms which are more private than the rest of the other rooms. Just above the reception area at the main floor, is the view deck and Japanese restaurant. We spent the whole night watching the stars on this floor as we shot the rising of the Milky Way galaxy’s core.

Overall, our stay was great and we really had that moment of peace away from the stress of city life. Wifi connectivity needs to be improved though. For booking and reservations below are the references.

Landline: +6346-413-3552
Mobile: +63922-884-1532

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