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El Nido Palawan | Once and for All

El Nido Palawan | Once and for All

I hope not. We still have yet to cover the southern part of the country’s last frontier. Otherwise, this would be our ultimate finale as we’ve pretty much captured Coron and Puerto Princesa back in 09 and just recently, El Nido. For the record, this was the longest I have been away from office. I have 2 digit vacation leaves remaining by the way prior to this trip, but may not necessarily mean I can take them anytime. Let’s just say that at least 2 major trips in a year should wipe these credits off the list. I am hoping to beat this record some other time. Maybe file a couple of weeks off but that’s daydreaming right there.

At any rate, we took the budgetarian route to El Nido. Taking a chartered plane would simply exhaust our upcoming 13th month pay. We spent a night in Puerto Princesa and took the RORO bus bound for El Nido the next morning. It was a 6 hour ride from the city with mostly crooked and unpaved roads but for us, it’s not really an issue. The entire trip was as rewarding as when we did Coron but this time there were a couple of gear casualties which included a sanded 85mm lens and a bent ball head plate screw lock. This was the only time I wished the sand isn’t fine so I could easily shake them off the lens. As for the screw lock, I had to pound it hard to straighten it back. Casualties aside, there were a few keepers to take home.

Dayon Camo sa Palawan.

el nido palawan el nido palawan palawan el nido palawan el nido palawan el nido palawan

Thanks all for looking.

— SIGS —

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