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Chin Swee Temple

Chin Swee Temple

Woke up pretty late and missed the rising sun. If there is one thing that I’ll ever have a regret of, that would be leaving the tripod back at our friend’s apartment. For one thing, we’re going to a theme park and I’ll be lugging with me a tripod? No way. Too much to carry around. And besides, I don’t think there is anything up there worth the long exposure. Or so I thought.

There’s a nearby park to the hotel where we stayed that gives one a panoramic view of the genting mountain range with fast moving clouds just beneath the viewing deck. Indeed a sight to behold and that temple from afar is already waiting to be shot with just the right amount of light. But since I don’t have a tripod with me at that time to maybe capture some cloud movements, I was like shooting just for souvenir’s sake. Purely a snap.

On a lighter note, I was thinking on our way back down. Had this been shot with a long exposure, that temple could have been washed out by those fast moving clouds and hence, losing all the structure’s details. I’m pretty sure I’ve made the right decision. Or am I just making excuses?

Thanks for viewing. Have a great day.

— SIGS —

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