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Back from Cebu. It was a splash and dash trip down south to attend a friend’s wedding. But as usual, travel shoot will always have its room even with the most hectic schedule you could possibly imagine. It was a 3 days, 2 nights escape and really, there’s not much time to go out and shoot during these days. Unless you only want to do the streets.

Shooting outside the urban would require quite an amount of time due to distance and travel time which is not appropriate for us who will be attending an event on our second day. Luckily, I have a friend who lives there and he was able to provide recommendations on where to go in as far as rural scenes are concerned without necessarily spending a huge amount of time on the road.

Liloan, Cebu 2011

Woke up at around 3:00 am, prepared ourselves a bit and had a shot of espresso before heading to this town in Cebu called Liloan. We were told about this place being a sunrise spot with a lighthouse at the far right end of this frame as the “main” attraction. So why am I posting this image instead of a landscape shot?

While the light was fantastic during the break of dawn and got quite a decent sunrise shot, I find this one more on the travel side. During photo trips, it is quite rare that we take photos of our colleagues. More often than not, we get overwhelmed and captivated by either a fantastic coastal scene or that perfect action moment from some locals working and walking nearby. Given the right amount and quality of light, our shooting buddies make for an interesting subject just as well. Think about it, they are also part of our travels aren’t they?

This image has been submitted as an entry to the Digital Photographer Philippines 5th Anniversary Live Judging under the travel with human element category. If it’s chosen, thank you. If not, no worries. It will still remain to be one of my favorite shots for this year.


Processing looks familiar? Sorry but I just have to do it on this image as the light dictates it. I’m a painting kind of guy after all so …:)

Thanks for viewing.

— SIGS —

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