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Camouflage | Naminara Republic

  Day two. We were all set for a Gapyeong city tour and there I was trying to think about what to wear. Don’t get me wrong though. I already have quite a handful of outfit sets for this trip and it is only just a matter of figuring out which ones to wear for which itinerary. I mean this is Gapyeong  (refer to previous post on Petite france) – which means long train rides, countless transfers and a lot of walking so, comfort without compromising style is something to consider. I don’t know about you guys but I have always been idealistic in choosing what to wear while making sure it’ll blend well (if not perfectly) with the location. To anyone with the same interest who happens to drop by this post, feel free to let me know how you go about this whole outfit planning stuff on a daily basis.

Going back, I think I picked the right choice for this tour except for the fact that the color palette blended perfectly with the backdrop so much that it almost went camouflaged. Why was it the right choice then? We took Nami Island as our first stop for the city tour and I figured that since this is way off the country’s capital, it’ll be much cooler. I was right. Well, not really. The moment we hopped off the ferry into the island’s entrance, the breeze was crazy cold but as we go further into the island, it gets freaking warm! Not a tropical warm though, so this is where the outfit’s versatility would come in. A leather jacket on top of a mock neck sweater can keep me fairly warm on a single digit temperature but in cases where temperature slightly increases, I can easily take the jacket off and let the sweatshirt do the magic. It’s not warm, but I ain’t feeling cold either.

Ray-ban Clubmaster | Zara Jacket | Old Navy Mock Neck Sweater | Uniqlo Selvedge Jeans | Traffic Boots | Swiss Military Hanowa Watch | Shuji x Blackonyx Homura bracelet | Pedro Backpack

Photos by Cessie.

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