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Be Silent, Be Still

Be Silent, Be Still

… is a line from the movie She’s All That.

I remember watching the flick back in College. Besides the fact that Laney Boggs is one clumsy artsy nerd girl turned gorgeous prom queen candidate, I also liked how her love affair to the campus’ president, Zack Siler progressed from art. That to be able to fulfill his objectives to Laney, he had to pretend as an art person or at the very least, show convincing interest. And to be able to prove such interest he had to come up with a spontaneous stage performance in front of real art aficionados. The exact sequence from the movie where the title of this note can be heard.

Be silent, be still.

For some reason, the line came back resonating in and out of my head recently like a musical scale in staccato telling me to stay calm amidst chaos. That the best way to keep things as they were despite conflicts is to be neutral. That in order to become trouble free I had to be silent. I had to be still. But on the contrary, I remember reading a line from Dante Alighieri saying – “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

Torn between two opposing statements, I appreciate our countrymen for having the courage to finally get out and start fighting for what we could have had but were lost to the hands of corrupt politicians. Although there isn’t any certainty to positive results, half of the battle has already been won. Take the sector down a notch and exactly the same scenario applies and may likely be observed. Home, schools and even within the walls of the cooperatives. Again, people remain neutral even at the edge of having their morality damaged. Probably a safety net maneuver for security. I am starting to favor and believe Alighieri’s over the former. At some point, I think he may be right.

However silent and still the water may be, there is always going to be a force that could make the boats go unsteady. Ditch the neutrality in humanity.

— SIGS —

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