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Banaue | You Can’t See Me

Banaue | You Can’t See Me

As what John Cena always say.  The terraces seem to utter these same words to us on our way up the crooked highway leading to the highest viewpoint of the Banaue rice terraces. Indeed, there were no traces of greens to be had in that particular viewing area. But I am not ranting. There are days when quality light won’t be in your favor. And there are other ways to enjoy shooting when such thing happens.

Banaue Viewpoint Ifugao, 2011


I was already under the impression that the entire trip would be overcast. And that seeing the rice paddies lit up ala Rembrandt won’t be possible. Plan B! Forget the terraces and shoot something else. In this place, it’s either you pair the magical light with the terraces or use the thick fog as a backdrop of some random generic subject. Win-win situation. Or is it?

Thanks for looking.

— SIGS —

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