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Baler. One of those situations where the group wanted to move a cliff literally.

When we arrived in Baler, the first thing we did was to go straight to the tourism department. We asked for pointers, suggestions and recommendations on where we can find locations to shoot that have potential in terms of the magical hours. What you’re looking at right now is one of those sunrise recommendations. Ampere Beach, Dipaculao Aurora.

This is quite far from where we are staying that time. That being said, it would simply mean that in order for us to go to this site and capture that first light, we need to be on the road at least by 4am. Which I think sucks. Having drank around about 3 bottles of beer and waking up that early the next day ain’t that easy.

So off we went nevertheless with us being groggy and all that just to capture the magical sunrise that we were hoping for. After nearly an hour of tryke ride we arrived safely. It’s still quite dark and I say quite because we can already see a mixture of pink and purple tint that’s just starting to saturate across the horizon. Realizing that phenomenon, we hurried down the shore to get ourselves into positions. As the clock strikes the 5:30 am mark, we knew that we are not actually looking at a sunrise scene. The location is perfectly off in terms of light. At the extreme left of this frame is a huge cliff blocking the sun. Coupled with 2 distinct rock formations that are nearly attached to that cliff made it a perfectly bad day for us.

We were unconsciously ranting about gettting better compositions and that we literally wanted to move that cliff out of the way. It is in this situation where one might think to just accept what’s laid on the table. And that’s what the group actually did only to realize at the day’s end when we were sharing our captures that we shot the same crap over and over.

This is just one of those fun moments that you often encounter during a photo trip. Moments that are worth remembering than the pictures themselves.

— SIGS —

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