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Albay | Chasing that Perfect Cone

Albay | Chasing that Perfect Cone

Cagsawa Ruins
Daraga, Albay 2016

The day we thought we had it…

Most of you have noticed quite an activity on my news feed just recently. Yep, we chose to go down south for our 2nd year wedding anniversary albeit the not so ideal season. Albay this time around as we have yet to see the perfect cone of that mountain called Mayon and capture one or two keepers for ourselves – weather permitting.

For once I thought, Instagram phone snaps would dominate the memories. 2 persons toggling over a single tripod isn’t really our usual setup. I had mine retired a couple of years ago and didn’t have much time (or money) to acquire a new one.

Going back, overcast greeted our arrival which went on for 2 days. Twice everyday for 3 days, we trekked back and forth the ATV tracks to try our luck and maybe just get an insurance shot we can bring back home. Third day looked promising. Back to the usual routine, sunset’s fast approaching and we’re back on the same track. We thought we had it. But the glass is still half full. We fired a few nonetheless then went back to phone snapping.

This would do for now, maybe, we muttered. The B-side of our story.

Days went by and we finally had the kind of weather we were hoping for since day one. Off we go. There and back again on the ATV tracks. 15 minutes seem pretty long as the scenery looms ahead. There it is, the perfect cone that we once dreamed about seeing up close and personal. Nothing fancy. It was pure majesty.


Legazpi Bouleverd, Albay 2016


30% Shy – Far beyond the horizon, lies Mt. Mayon.

Just when you thought one of your images is qualified to go straight into the trash bin, think again. The raw files used in the above image aren’t really appealing at first glance but then there is no harm in trying to work them up a bit to produce quite a decent one.


Albay isn’t just all landscape for all your shutter tripping needs. It also boasts a rich culture, tradition and lots of history to learn about. Don’t forget to book a whole day city tour with any of your accommodation of choice once you set foot. If you are a fan of spicy foods, then this place should definitely be in your bucket list. To be frank, we enjoyed every bite of almost anything so much that proper nutrition diet had to take the back seat for quite a while. If you haven’t yet, make sure to visit this province south of Luzon, Philippines and experience them yourselves. And before you ask me…yep, the ruin is still the same actual tower back in the day. The church was destroyed but not buried.


-Balay de la Rama-

Places of Interest

Sumlang Lake | Busay Falls | Mayon Sky Park | Kawa Kawa Hill and Nature Park

Cagsawa Ruins | Cagsawa River | Lignon Hill | Daraga Church

Places to Eat

Sibid-Sibid | La Terraza – Ligao | Balay Cena Una | First Colonial – Legazpi | Balay Suanoy

Landscape Spots

Cagsawa River | Sumlang Lake | Lignon hill | Legazpi Boulevard

The photos in this post are in collaboration with my wife, Cessie.

— SIGS —

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